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A primer on using our Chapter website


The Sarasota-Manatee Chapter website AGOSM.ORG was launched July 4, 2014. It was commissioned by the Chapter Board to serve as a communications tool to keep the membership better informed about news, vacancies, chapter and local events, and our directory. It also includes a wealth of information about local organs, newsletters, vendors, and a gallery of photos from chapter events.


The website uses industry standard design to make using the site as simple and as easy to use as possible. Our goal from the beginning was to give our members the most current information possible with just a click or two for access. The site should work fine with any Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smart phone made in the past three years.



The browser is the program or application used by your computer, tablet, or smart phone to go to or browse the internet. The most popular browsers are: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. There are many more but these are the major ones. They use common features like the address bar for putting in the location of the site you want to go to, home, refresh, forward and back buttons, bookmarks for frequently visited sites, and tools to save and print pages.




When your screen's cursor arrow turns into a pointing hand icon you have just moved over a hyperlink. A hyperlink is a link to a document, another page, another site, or other internet resource. This simplifies moving to that resource without you having to type in a long web address. Hyperlinks are traditionally underlined and blue in color if you have never clicked on them, and purple if you have visited there before on that device.



Most of us like to bookmark our favorite sites to make visiting there a simple one click process. The process varies depending on your browser, but in most Windows machines bookmarks can be made by holding down the Control key and hitting D. Once the bookmark has been saved you can easily go back to that site by clicking on the bookmark.


Internet safety

The internet can be a dangerous place if you are not careful. Your first line of defense is to install virus protection software on your device. ALL internet devices need protection. We also need to be careful of “too good to be true” special offers that are designed to lure unsuspecting users into harm’s way. Use strong passwords to protect your accounts and never give them out.


Content viewing size

If the page that you are looking at has text that is too small you can make it larger by holding down the Control key and turning the mouse scroll wheel or by using Control and the + key. Touch screen devices can be pinched out to increase the content size.



Being able to share documents on the internet between a wide variety of computers has been a challenge for many years. One company, Adobe Systems, released a standard several years ago that gave us one single fix for this problem across the globe on all devices. It is called Adobe Reader and it makes it possible to read and print any document in the Portable Document Format commonly known as PDF. We use PDF for almost all of the documents we have posted on the chapter website as it makes sharing chapter information easy. Once Adobe Reader is installed it only takes one click to open the document and it will display and print exactly as it was created. If you don’t already have the free program please follow the hyperlink below to get it.


Submitting material for the website

The most difficult job in keeping a website fresh and appealing is to update the content continuously. All websites need a fresh infusion of material to make them worth reading and this one needs your help to do so. Most of our pages have a contact person who will be happy to collect your information or you can send it to me by e-mail to the address below.


If your church is doing anything musical we would be delighted to add it to the Community Events page.


Finally, if there has been any change in your contact information please send it to Susan Crumpler and we will update the Members Directory for you.


Please also feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions on the chapter website.











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